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Sunnitude has been launched!

02 May

Welcome to Sunnitude!

Dear family and friends,

I am pleased to announce that I have finally launched my website,!

It feels soooo amazing to share this news! This had been my goal for a long time and thanks to divine timing and A LOT of effort, the time has finally come!!!

Thank you to all my friends and family who have encouraged me to never give up. I now have a platform to give and share my gifts, and that is to create inspirational, timeless art pieces what will ”Uplift the SOUL, Ignite the PASSION & Mend the HEARTS” of the people that I love and cherish. I also hope to reach people from different walks of life to create a community and create a connection that will help blossom the awareness of this mission.

Sunnitude’s goal each month is to share a beautiful insight that will touch your heart along with a visual interpretation of my personal and unique artistic expression. Each creation will be inspired from an “A-HA! moment”, signifiying a heartfelt moment in my life or to simply display a gesture of gratitude to the abundant universe.

I hope you will ENJOY the website, LIKE the Facebook pageVISIT the store and SHARE them to all your loved ones!  Let’s INFECT others with the power of love & positivity!

I would like to specially thank my significant other, who not only supported me emotionally through this journey, but also donated his talents by creating this site.

Finally, I would like to present the first Sunnitude piece, “Leap of Faith”. It signifies my journey as of the present moment and I hope that it will encourage you to take your first step toward your dream, what ever it may be. Let’s do this together!

THANK YOU all for catching me on this GIANT LEAP!


Donna, Creator of Sunnitude

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